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Alicia Grimaldi is a certified holistic health counselor and founder of "Affirm Your Health, Affirm Your Life", a private health counseling practice in Concord, NH.
Alicia works with people who are committed to a healthier way of living, those who desire more balance and optimum health in their life.  She believes it is obtained by slowing down and listening to the messages our bodies have to share with us, understanding our own bioindividuality, and making gradual diet and lifestyle changes that support you and your individual needs.
Alicia counsels people individually and in groups taking an integrative approach to wellness nourishing our bodies, minds and souls collectively.  Her intention is to empower individuals to become their own healers, so they can live the amazing life they came here to live!
Check out her site at: www.affirmhealth.com

Liz Stella-Ford is a creator, an Artist, owner and operator of Wilder Elizabeth Studio.  She gets her inspiration from her life, taking moments in the world and converting them into art.  Liz particularly loves faces.  She collects photos of those she knows and those she has never met creating a history for the "characters".  Often they end up in her work wearing wings or peeking out of windows.  You just never know where the muse will take you.  She also loves to work with pieces of history; trinkets, bobbles, bits of material from the past - a shirt, grandma's curtains, snippets of ribbon, old buttons and jewelry.  She calls it "Inconsequentia Art".  Who knows, it might have been yours at one time.  Her life philosophy is, "Live Big, Own Art, and Eat Cake".

Liz, responsible for the art design of our logo, is no longer a partner at AffirmWater, but remains a sacred part as she is a devoted friend and always an inspiration and that we are grateful for. She leaves us to pursue her career as a Montessori teacher, an art teacher and of course to allow the flow of creator to take her to new heights.


Tina White is an entrepreneur.  She loves thinking outside the box.  For Tina, work must be fun, enjoyable and cause passion in your very being or you don't do it!  Tina has a gift for creating on the computer and finding out necessary information to get you what you truly desire.  She has created an amazing company where you can have your very own personalized candy wrappers for an upcoming event or personalized with your special message.

So how did we come together?

Two years ago at Clough Pond, of course at the water we met, when our children were taking swim lessons.  Our souls connected and we were instantly friends.  We all share the love of life, love of food, all about fun, a good laugh and of course, the importance water plays in our lives.
Alicia had a dream or several dreams, all about water.  The dream was to have a water bottle with a positive affirmation along with a website all about water.  Alicia teaches her clients and all those who will listen about the importance water has on our bodies and in our lives.  Having a site will make this simple concept more accessible to those who really want to know.  The bottles are a vessel to remind us of its importance along with the affirmation that we can truly create what we truly desire.
The dream was shared with Liz and Tina and there it was born.  Liz created the logo design with the recall of the detail from Alicia's vision.  Tina took the drawing and put it into the computer.  Wow, the vision - a site to behold!  Tina's entrepreneurial mind began seeking manufacturers for the bottle.  With much effort and lots of trial and error, the best bottle and printer were obtained.  It is our goal to work with the very best, because we believe you deserve it!  And of course, along the way the site - your vessel to all you've ever wanted to know about water was created. - www.affirmwater.com
Thanks for taking this journey with us and believing in the power of water!
Drink to your health!

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