Why should I use a stainless steel water bottle?

     *Your bottle is made from leach free material.  

     *Your water will taste great.

     *Your bottle is reusable.

     *Your bottle is light weight.

     *You know where your water source is coming from.

Can I put hot liquids in my bottle?

*No, our bottles are single walled and not for use with hot  liquids.  It  would be too hot to handle.

Will it keep my water cold?

*It is unlike a thermos and not designed to keep your beverages insulated.  However, we do find that when filled with cold water it keeps for long periods of time unless sitting in the hot sun.  Our  insulated totes will also keep the bottle cooler longer.  

Can I put my bottle in the freezer?

*It is not recommended and will void the manufacturer's warranty of 1 year.  

Why is the sports cap made of plastic instead of steel?

*The plastic cap is more gentle for sipping than stainless steel.  The cap is made from Polypropylene #5 (PP#5) which is scientifically considered one of the safest plastics.  The screw top with caribeener is also made from PP#5.     

What is the height and diameter of your 17oz and 26oz bottles?
           *The 17oz bottles measure 8inches tall and the 26oz bottles
           measure 10 inches tall.  The diameter of both bottles is the
           same, measuring 3 inches.         

Can I use other beverages in my bottle?  

*Sure, if you want to. Before you consider this, check in and ask have I had enough water today.  A great way to test for hydration - place your thumb and index finger on each side of your ankle.  Move your fingers down into the dips and give a pinch.  If it hurts it is suggested that you need more water.

How do I clean my water bottle?

*All you really need is a bottle brush, mild soap and h20.

Is my bottle dishwasher safe?

*We do not recommend putting your bottle in the dishwasher. Stainless steel is dishwasher safe, however over time  the logoing may  chip and fade.  Putting your cap in the washer can result in trapped water in the air flow mechanism causing your bottle to leak.

Why did my bottle come in another companies box?

*At Affirmwater we strive to be as green as possible and one way of doing that is reusing shipping materials.   Presently, we pick up our packaging weekly from Granite State Natural Foods in Concord, NH.   

Why do you buy your bottles from China?

*Affirm Water supports and is of a local mindset, however at this time we have exhausted all possibilities of a company here in America manufacturing bottles due to the exuberant cost.  We will continue to put out the intention for a local bottle manufacturer, however in the meantime we feel like we have researched many companies and have come up with the best quality product to meet your personal needs and will continue to do so.  If you know a good stainless steel fabricator here in the states have them give us a call!

Are you sure your bottles do not contain lead in or on them?

*With the recent concern of lead paint on toys and other products coming out of China, we immediately contacted our manufacturer who assures us that there is strict quality control and there are no concerns of lead being present in our bottles.  We felt good about this, however took it one step further and privately tested the bottles to ensure they are free of lead.  

My cap is leaking or broken?

*Our bottles and caps are warrantied for 1 year.  If your cap is broke, leaking, or bottle is not functioning properly, please call us at 603-568-5575 or email us at info@affirmwater.com letting us know the problem and we'll take care of it.