What You Have to Say About AffirmWater

Hi Tina and Alicia,
I received my Ancient Fire water bottles on Friday .... I love them!
The design looks great ... thanks for all of your help in making this work out!

You guys are awesome!

AffirmWater Rocks!!!

Love and Blessings

Karen L
New Hampshire

 "My family has three of these bottles and we can't say enough good things about them...my boys' carry their bottles everywhere they go...they have the smaller bottle which is a perfect size for a 9 year old."

Tiffany H

Kindergarten Teacher

Crystal River Elementary School

Carbondale CO

I really like my bottle. The sports top is great. I use it
all the time and like that it has a "lid". I would clip it on to my pants or whatever.

Thanks so much!

Rochester, NY

You may want to advertise the fact your bottles do not leak when they fall over and believe me, I tried many bottles, different brands, expensive ones and cheap ones and I took them all back.  It has been a pleasure doing business with your company., a company so consumer friendly!


Carol R. 
Bloomingdale, NJ

I take my water bottle everywhere and I get compliments on it daily (I purchased the one that says peace). I love having water to drink at meetings and at the gym and not having to take a plastic bottle, which is so wasteful. I esp love the little clip that comes with the bottle, I clip it in my bag so it always stays upright. It’s easy to clean- I just wash each night and leave it on a dish rack to dry so that in the morning I can fill it and go! 

Sarah Foster
Hooksett, NH

"Thank you so much for the prompt reply and for getting the bottle out to us quickly.

Just to let you know... my daughter is a singer, and she drinks a LOT of water. She had been using a large Nalgene bottle, but we had been wanting an alternative to plastic. I was really excited when I found your website. Your products are great! We like the fact that your company is "earth friendly" too. We just gave our daughter this bottle for Christmas, and she has gotten so many compliments on it already. I'm thinking we'll probably order some more so the rest of the family can each have one!"

Thanks again,
Tonya in Oklahoma

"My husband and I use the water bottles daily and it has aided us in drinking more water and staying away from purchasing bottled water.  The flower essences I add to the bottle make it more effective along with using the bottle."

Loudon, New Hampshire

"I love your bottles"
Doris J
Evansville, Indiana

After doing research for about an hour on the web, I came to your site.  I
am very excited to be purchasing from you for various reasons:
1. You're "local" to me - I visited NH every summer as a kid and loved
it! (Still do)
2. You "give back" - I really like that you donate your proceeds to the
Nature Conservancy.
3. Your prices are great!
4. You have enough of a selection that my husband, stepdaughter and I
all can get different bottles and holders.
5. Your mission and affirmation are wonderful.
I look forward to receiving my shipment and using a healthier water bottle!
Thanks so much.
~Mindy Linehan, CT
Happy New Year Affirm Water,
Just wanted to let you two know what a great seller your new bottles were
this holiday season at the Blue Moon!  People loved them!
Alissa @ the Blue Moon in Exeter, NH ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Can I just tell you guys that I LOVE the way my logo looks on the bottles!!! I think it actually adds a nice touch with the way the people are shawdowed, thank you so much for doing this for me - especially so I am able to have it for my parties! 
Seeing my logo on something like this makes my new business so real...
Thanks again!  Maria @ MainStream - NH
Wonderful, thank you Alicia, your customer service can't be beat!
   Maura Smale - NY


Alicia and Tina;

I was reading about your company and it’s successes in the Loudon Ledger and would like to say that I am a very satisfied customer.  I have been using one of your stainless steel water bottles for over a year, after purchasing it from my Chiropractor.  I am so excited with my purchase and give them as gifts often and swear by the safety of these bottles over regular plastic.  I am constantly reminding the employees at my office that it is well worth the investment in the stainless steel bottle to be drinking from a safe bottle.  I have been approached several times at the Gym inquiring about my water bottle and often asked where to purchase.  I was amazed and excited to discover that you are right here in my own back yard. 


Cheryl (Fillmore) Hatch       

Loudon, NH


"The bottles were a HUGE hit at our annual outing....Thank you!"

CMcKay; Office Manager
Isaacson, Miller
Boston, MA


I love the bottles-we have been trying to get off all plastic-and my girls love the message, as do I.  We love the bottles - We are at the park every day, and we never leave without our bottles.  They are 10 years old-I told them two ladies in NH are making a difference!  Thanks!  Rilla, Janelle, and Janette Hynes (Tom and Tommy Hynes are faithful users as well!)

Shelbyville, KY

I have just received the water bottles I purchased for myself and my children -
we all Love them.  I am encouraging my friends to look your way when they are searching for eco-minded bottles like You!!!

Pine Plains, NY

Thanks again for your wonderful customer service I do appreciate it!  I have already emailed friends regarding your bottles, but will make sure that they know that the customer service is also there to back it up!  Thanks again for giving us safe alternatives for our drinking water!

Sincerely, Teri
Andover, MN


I want to quickly share why I chose AffirmWater.......While on vacation this summer, my husband and children surprised me with a bracelet with a spiral on it.  When we cam home I was searching online for a water bottle and stumbled upon your site.  When I saw the one with the spiral... I had to have it.  Then after further reading, I really appreciated that you donate to the Nature Conservancy and that you are a "Girl Power" Company.  Thank you so much for your wonderful customer care.  I have 4 daughters- we shop online A LOT!  I can say in all honesty this is the first time I have ever received a reply so quickly from a company, not to mention to correct the problem with no questions asked!

Michelle P
South Rockwood, MI